What is BREATHE undercover?

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We care, that's why we are massage therapists. We care of the comfort of other human beings. We strive daily to help make the world a better place, a safer and kinder place. Our clients/patients deserve to feel as if we have done all we can to make sure their space is meticulously thought out. That what we do have in the treatment room has purpose and has them in mind. That we have taken into account every aspect of the session. What better way for retention.

BREATHEundercover™ is a fabrication subsidiary of Sacred Spaces Holistic Centre in Bradford Pennsylvania. Born out of the need and desire to remain helpful to our community during the spring of 2020, unable to provide our hands on care, we took to the sewing machine. A labor of love to make this new world transition a little easier, a little softer. Our face masks were some of the first to end up in the hands of first responders and healthcare staff, nursing homes and families in our community.

Once we realized our own lives would no longer go back to the busy and wonderful world of massage therapy as we knew it, our BREATHEundercover™ table mask was developed. Our new protocols and guidelines to reopen our business included above all else, safety and comfort for our patients. While in our centre both therapist and patient are required to wear a mask. But what about when they are prone (the face down position)? That will not fly for comfort and might even be too much for some. Being claustrophobic, this was not an option.

Enter, BREATHEundercover™. The face mask for the massage table. Its completely covers the area under a clients face with air pockets, allowing to breathe comfortably. It easily attaches to the cradle from underneath, with velcro to the cradle frame and provides plenty airflow and protection for patient and therapist. In addition, there is a filter pocket for more barrier protection, with a HEPA filter or aromatherapy pad for added peace and tranquility. Your clients will thank you and know you are doing whatever you can to help them be and feel safe. Thank you for chosing BREATHEundercover™.

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Watch our video on how the BREATHEundercover works.

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"...for the remainder of my career..."

"I've been using Breathe Undercover for every session since I was legally released to serve my patients post Covid shutdown. It allows me and my patients the assurance of one more tool in the toolbox of numerous sanitation measures. Everyone one of my patients has had a positive experience with the undercover mask. It even helps discourage patients from touching their own faces with their hands.

While nothing in life is full proof, I am very grateful for this product - its purpose to confine respiratory spray, its professional appearance, its funtionability. I am convinced I will be using it for the remainder of my career to help contain all respiratory contaminants that we have grown accustomed to...flu strains, unknown virus strains etc. It's a keeper, for sure.⭐"


- Jacqueline D., LMT, Chiropractic Office, North Carolina

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Product Details:

  • Machine washable - gentle cycle, light iron needed

  • Made with 4 layers of polycotton or linen fabric for strong filter system

  • Velcro strips added to attach to current face cradle frame

  • Added Filter pocket for added protection or for aromatherapy

  • Elevates your new practice with a professional touch

  • Supports new health guidelines and eases the client experience

  • Easy attach and easy removal

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"This product offers our clients so much more comfort during their massage services! Thank you for helping to keep us safe, breathing easy and comfortable!"

-Kelly Denny-Wright, Owner Peace, Love and Wellness Yoga Studio and Spa, Warren PA