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The undercover face cradle

LMP, Innovator

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Donnia Anastasia Denig
Licensed Massage Therapist, Ayurvedic Consultant

Hello. Since March 2020, when the world fell silent for awhile, I have been busy finding a way to diversify my life while staying helpful within the Massage Therapy Industry. We care, that's why... .

the BREATHEundercover

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Configure under the face rest

Product Details:

  • Machine washable

  • Made with 4 layers of polycotton or linen fabric for strong filter system

  • Velcro strips added to attach to current face cradle frame

  • Added Filter pocket for added protection or for aromatherapy

  • Gives your new practice that extra professional touch 

  • Supports new health guidelines and eases the client experience

  • Easy attach and easy removal

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I don't buy fluff for my practice. This isn't fluff, it's a professional necessity.

- JACQUE D., LMT, North Carolina

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It's just brilliant.

- Julia, LMT, New Jersey


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Laurie Boswell LMT, Colorado

Used the face cradle mask and it is brilliant . While getting a massage I love that I can put a filter in with my favorite aromatherapy blends . It feels so relaxing you don’t even know it is there. As a therapist I love the ease of applying it , washing it and again that I can add aromatherapy to it. The material is so breatheable I love it. I also purchased so masks and with fires here it is so nice to smell my aromatherapy instead.
Great idea , great material, and great product with prompt shipping and easy checkout.

Special Wholesale pricing for first 50 orders

We are currently selling these for $16 each. But for a very limited time, we are selling the first 50, at just $8 each.

Order yours today.

Expect a 5-7 business day delivery timeline.


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